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“My grandfather dressed, with great success, the Milanese gentry who attended the elite clubs and theatres in the city, including ‘Scala’. He was proud to design and create a certain timeless elegance for his clients. One day he looked at a gentleman who had just come out of a tailor’s changing room, dressed in an elegant suit, but wearing a charming pair of spectacles. He was a famous English archaeologist who loved Greek culture, myth and epic tales of the Olympic Gods… … So, it was that evening, sitting at his writing desk at home that my grandfather started to design spectacle frames of harmonious and elegant forms in colours both frugal and natural; spectacles just as his tailored suits, that would have made him proud in creating ‘timeless’ objects. He did not have the opportunity to complete that project, which I was fortunate enough to find and which I named “EPOS” in memory of his inspiring and distinguished English archaeologist. Epos is a collection of timeless spectacles with legendary names.”

Timeless metal and acetate eyewear designed in Italy by EPOS.

Polarised metal sun clips available for selected styles.

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